Finally, technology that delivers...

Hands-free roof scan in under 10 minutes

Full roof pre-loss data stored in the cloud

Live or virtual scan review

Printable report

Reports that Paint the Clearest Picture

XAP ProScan reports provide a clear look at the data collected while giving you a professional summary of the findings along with action items that make sense.


This technology was originally developed for and adopted by the largest insurance carriers in the nation. It’s been modified to be the leading aerial intelligence platform for roof inspections.
Each ProScan drone has a failsafe protocol along with $1M liability policy to cover any damage or injury. Even though the drones are autonomous, each pilot is still FAA certified.
The data gathered is stored in the cloud indefinitely to compare to future scans if a loss occurs.
The scans are processed by artificial intelligence to locate granule loss, hail hits, and other small imperfections. This unbiased look at the roofing aids in the diagnosis of the roof and points towards a path forward (the need to replace due to aging, the need to file a claim, etc.).

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