Best Practices for Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Roof replacement and repair jobs for residential homes are usually big-ticket jobs that can cost homeowners significantly. The risk of neglecting these needed repairs can even be more expensive. Both of these factors, the risk, and the expense, are compounded for commercial properties. When you have several businesses or tenants under your one roof, keeping up with all your roof maintenance requirements are of utmost importance.

Professional maintenance is the best way to keep your commercial roof in good shape but there are certainly good practices that can definitely help as well. Here are a few of them from our roofing experts at Warranty Roofing and Construction.

Be Armed With Knowledge

As a property manager, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the most common signs of a problem. Once identified, schedule a professional roof inspection right away. Make it a habit to occasionally give the roof a quick visual check to look for signs of pooling water, rusted flashing, missing gravel, or damaged membranes.

Sign Up for Maintenance Programs

The roof isn’t the only thing on a property manager’s list of responsibilities so it’s understandable if certain routine maintenance schedules are skipped. Unfortunately, this is incredibly risky as it could jeopardize the entire building. By signing up for a maintenance program with your local roofing company you don’t have to miss out on any required roof work again.

Know Your Roof

Lastly, take the time to really know your own roof. What materials are used in its construction? Does it have any protective roof coating? When was the last time it was replaced? Keep a roofing file and put all important documents such as insurance and warranty information, repair schedules and history, and all estimates from your contractor. At Warranty Roofing and Construction, we can help take the headache out of commercial roofing maintenance. Give us a call at (405)-254-0076 or fill out our contact form to sign up for our routine maintenance agreement or request a free quote on roof replacements today.