Best Practices for Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Commercial property managers and owners often face a bigger challenge in roof inspection and maintenance requirements than homeowners. With a much bigger structure and a higher demand for quality facilities, there’s too much at stake to risk suffering from a roofing catastrophe.

Regular checkups are part of the normal upkeep of any commercial roofing, but there are also a few good practices you can start doing to help minimize potential problems and even add a year or two to the life span of your roofing system. Here are a few of them as explained by our experts at Warranty Roofing and Construction.

Keep an Up-to-Date Roofing File

A good file should include all pertinent information about your roof including roof coating products, maintenance schedules, warranty information, and specifics about its materials. You’ll find that repairing or replacing broken parts becomes a much faster and easier process if you have all the important details of your roof ready for your contractor from the get-go. You can also set up calendar alerts on your computer or smartphone to remind you about the maintenance needs of your roof.

Familiarize Yourself With Common Issues

Not all problems require a major overhaul of the roofing system however, large issues typically start off from small troubles. Understanding a few of the common red flags can give you enough heads-up to schedule a repair right away.

Never Delay Roof Repairs

When a part of your roof is damaged, it doesn’t take long before the problem escalates. Delaying repairs for even minor problems can result in a roof failure or, worse, a premature roof replacement. Unfortunately, in some structures, damaged roofing membranes are often the result of personnel walking around on the roof. In some cases, this is inevitable but monitoring access to the roof is important to spot problem areas before they worsen.

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