How To Avoid a “Storm Chaser” Roofing Company

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Roofing scams are a lot more common than you realize. They can be some of the most dangerous and costly scams you can encounter. Unfortunately, the roof is one area you rarely pay attention to because you physically have to climb onto it to see any damage there might be. Or, invest in a drone that has video imaging. With some angles, you might be able to see the shingles’ condition from the ground, but nothing extensive. While heavy storms can damage a roof, especially if it’s an older roof, they’re not the biggest issue. But, that would be one way a Storm Chasing Roof Company might worm their way not only into your roof but your bank account as well.

What is a Storm Chaser & why are they dangerous?

A Storm Chaser Roof Company will seek your business, after a storm, especially if multiple roofs in the area have been damaged. They’ll claim there’s substantial damage to your roof, whether there is or not, trying to convince you that their company is the most affordable to get everything fixed. The most significant sign that you’re encountering a Storm Chaser is:

  • They show up unannounced, telling you their company is based out of town. They also might try to say they’re looking at expanding their community reach by branching out. If you didn’t call them first, they have no business being there.
  • If you’re waiting for your actual roofing company to start, these people can always do it for a fraction of the cost. They’ll try to convince you with fast-talking, fancy words about their service being more affordable. If they do make it onto your roof (which isn’t likely), they’ll be using the cheapest material possible so they can pocket as much money as they can.
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  • They’ll claim they’re with your insurance company without any real paperwork to back up that claim. While some insurances work with specific companies, you’re going to be doing the leg work to get the real company on your property; meaning your insurance company doesn’t just send someone. You’ll be the person calling to make the appointment to get the roof fixed. When they do come, the roofer will be able to present proper proof of who they are.
  • They are highly persuasive, pressuring you into using their services. You’ll hear phrases like “You won’t get this offer again.” or “You’re risking your family’s life right now.” It’s a scare tactic to get you to give them money on the spot for their “wonderful” services.

How do you avoid being a scam victim?

Not all traveling roofers will try to scam you. Some are trying to get their business off the ground using the storm as an opportunity for business. Unfortunately, even with those people, you have to be cautious. The most significant way to protect yourself is to ask questions like:

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  • Where is your company located? Can you bring up the website or the address of the building?
  • Can you see the contracting license and proof of insurance?
  • Do you need to sign an Assignment of Benefit?
    • Signing one of these will hand over your insurance policy rights to cover whatever costs are needed for the repair. Reputable companies will not ask this of you.
  • What exactly will the cost cover?
    • Materials, labor, repairs, replacements, etc.
  • Are they pressuring you into signing a contract right away?

At Warranty Roofing, we’ve heard our fair share of horror stories from storm chasing scams. We take each job very seriously, whether it’s a full roof replacement to doing an inspection. If your roof needs repair, contact up today!