Roof Fire Ratings 101

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In terms of their resistance to fire, roofing systems can be classified as Class A, Class B, Class C or Unrated. So, when shopping for roofing materials, make sure to look into their fire ratings, and ensure that you are getting a type of roof that is suited for your home or building. Check local building codes to know if your roof should have a specific fire rating.

Here are the four fire ratings.

Class A

Class A is suitable for any type of home, but it is most recommended for homes that are located in fire-prone areas. This fire rating basically means that the roof material is effective against severe fire exposure. It can withstand a maximum flame spread of six feet and last for two to four hours before ignition. Furthermore, it can resist 15 cycles of gas flame.

Class B

Your roofing contractor may also recommend Class B roofs, which can withstand a maximum flame spread of eight feet and last for one hour before ignition. These roofs can resist eight cycles of a gas flame.

Class C

Class C roofing can only offer minimal fire protection. It can only last for 20 minutes before ignition and withstand a maximum flame spread of 13 feet. It can resist three cycles of a gas flame.


The Unrated classification is given to roofing systems that cannot pass even the requirements for Class C rating. It is best to avoid roofs marked with this fire rating as they won’t be able to provide adequate fire protection.

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