Top Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore Roof Hail Damage

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Hail damage can be difficult to notice, especially from the ground. That is why it is common for homeowners to become aware of the problem once it has turned into a more serious issue. To prevent a worst-case scenario, call a professional to inspect your roofing after a severe storm.


In this post, Warranty Roofing and Construction discusses the possible consequences of ignoring hail damage on your roof.

Why You Should Address Hail Damage on Your Roof ASAP

Hail damage can be tricky because it does not show obvious signs right away. Typically, roof leaks only become apparent after some years. And at that point, you will likely be faced with costly repairs.

Asphalt shingles, for instance, usually have a protective granule coating. When this coating gets knocked off by hail, the layer underneath becomes exposed to the elements. UV rays particularly can be harmful to your roofing; they can weaken the exposed areas of your roof and make them brittle and susceptible to leaks.

Leaks can be a big threat to your roofing system. When left unchecked for a long period, these can cost you a significant amount to repair. That said, the price of a post-storm roof inspection will surely be a lot less than the expenses of fixing more serious issues caused by hail damage.

Learn More About Your Homeowner’s Insurance

If your roofer finds hail damage on your roofing, don’t worry because this can be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Just make sure to document the damage and file a claim as soon as possible. Typically, insurance companies have a limited period for filing such claims. So take as many photos as you can and note pertinent details about the storm. Don’t forget to get quotes from roofing contractors too.

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