Offering Leading Warranties With Exceptional Maintenance Service

Most people are aware that the material warranty provided on a new roof is backed by the material manufacturer. But did you know that, in most instances, qualified contractors can also provide property owners with manufacturer-backed labor and material warranties for periods of 10, 15, 20 or more years? If you are looking for a company that partners with its manufacturers to stand behind its installations, contact Warranty Roofing and Construction. We offer comprehensive warranties on everything we do.

Company Warranty

Should you choose to go with a roof system that does not qualify for a manufacturer’s labor and material warranty, Warranty Roofing and Construction still offers one of the best private warranties in the business. Because we pride ourselves on our workmanship and integrity, our “No Dollar Limit” roof warranty covers your new roof against leaks for a period of five years. During this period, we will make any repairs as necessary and at the end of the five years, we’ll offer you a service plan option to continue with regular inspections and maintenance.

Manufacturer Warranties

Because we’re a highly trained and certified roofing company, you can be assured that Warranty Roofing and Construction will install your new roof in accordance with manufacturer specifications. This ensures that you are always eligible for the full material warranty, no matter which brand you choose.

Because we are also certified with the leading manufacturers in the industry, we are able to offer manufacturer-backed, full system, labor and material warranties on almost every job we do. We deliver peace of mind by offering complete system warranties of up to 20 years or longer that are backed by the industry’s most recognizable names like:

Why trust your labor warranty to a local contractor when you can have some of the biggest names in the business standing behind your new roof? Warranty Roofing and Construction is always happy to answer any questions about a manufacturer warranty before you sign a contract with us. If we don’t have the answer, we’ll reach out to our manufacturer representative to make sure you get the information you need.